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Cyborgs making it happen



Many leading scientists think that humans must merge with machines if we want to survive, and indeed, many Hollywood movies have depicted as much. But….could it really happen?

Project Cyborg Founder – Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick was professor of Cybernetics at Reading University and now works as Deputy Vice Chancellor of Coventry University. Warwick has an implanted microchip in his nervous system. He first had a chip inserted to his arm in 1998, a simple RFID transmitter that he used to control lights, doors and other computer controlled devices….turning things in and off with his arm. Later, in 2002, he had the chip connected to his nervous system. He also game the same implant to his wife, which meant that when someone grasps her hand, he can feel the same sensation.


I studied this guy as part of my drama degree and from both a performance and science perspective, he is so interesting. Stelarc is an artist who’s focus is the enhancement robotics can have on the human body. Stelarc isn’t a full time cyborg, but in one performance, called third hand, he used a robotic third arm which picked up muscle signals and responded with movements accordingly. In a recent performance, he attached his body to an industrial robotic arm, which choreographed his body movements for a period of time. The fact that he has a third ear on his arm is kind of irrelevant to this list… but I thought I would quickly mention it.

Hugh Herr

In the 1980s, Hugh lost his legs in a climbing accident, however he did not let that stop him. Since then, he has been relying on prosthetic to climb again. Herr has since gone on to be a leading man in the field of bio mechanics and believes he will be able to cure paralysis using high tech prosthetic one day. He created a computerized artificial knee…and on top of that, he and his team were able to get a paralyzed rat walking again by implanting a dis solvable scaffold seeded with neutral stem cells. Herr has never believed he is handicapped, just that technology is, and has worked on several devices, including bionics that allow amputees to walk with the ease they used to. At the end of his TED talk, he invited out a dancer, Adrianna Haset Davis who lost her leg in the Boston Bomingsshe dances on one of his BIOM legs, and watching her move was incredible!

Nigel Ackland the man with a Robot Arm

British man, Nigel Ackland lost his arm in a work accident in the mid 2000s and was since given a Bebionic arm, a high-tech bionic forearm and hand that can type and move like a real hand. The arm was hailed as the most advanced prosthetic hand in the world in 2012. The arm is controlled by two muscles and allows him use of his hand again…. The sound of it when it moves, though!!!!! It looks pretty awesome!

Jerry Jalava

Imagine carrying all your documents with you without evening needing to use a bag…. This is Jerry Jalava’s life! So, Finland national, Jalava lost his finger in a motorbike accident in 2009 when he was in his early 20s. As a computer programmer, he had the hair-brained idea to turn what was left of his finger into a USB stick. At the time, he had a laughable 2 gigs fitted into his USB finger, but these days, his hard drive capabilities are more supreme.

Founder of the Cyborg Foundation – Neil Harbisson

Neil Haribisson is a cyborg artist who, with the help of machines, has learned to listen in color. Harbisson is the worlds first legally recognized cyborg who has an inbuilt antenna in his skull. He did a talk with TED which has had around half a million view on Youtube. In it he explains how he was completely colorblind, with the ability to only see in grey-scale. Age 21, he had a device, he calls an electronic eye, installed that turns color into audible frequencies, allowing him to hear the color of the world.

He said “when I started to dream in color, I felt the software and my brain had united.” He says his electronic eye is part of him and it even features in his passport photo.

Moon Ribas

Ribas had a sensor permanently fitted into her elbow in 2013 as part of a project called Seismic Sense. This sensor allows her to feel any earthquake on the planet with varying intensity. In 2008, she wore a speedometer glove that allowed her to determine the exact speed of movement around her.

Rob Spence the man with a bionic eye

Possibly the world’s first eyeborg, Spence makes documentaries with his robot eye which is fitted with a camera. The Canadian filmmaker shot himself in the eye as a child and he was left blinded. Eventually he decided that rather than having a regular prosthetic eye, he wanted one which could function to his advantage. Eventually he had a small camera eye fitted in 2008 from which he can record around 30 minutes of footage. While the camera isn’t connected to his brain so he can’t actually see what he is recording, research is taking place to see whether this would be a possibility in the future, which would be a huge step for human machine hybrids.

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Phones that are seriously dangerous




If you are, that phone has gone through a lot of testing to make sure its safe and its not gonna hurt you. Sometimes though, mistakes happen – serious mistakes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Unfortunately, its probably because this phone released in 2016 kept catching fire. A lot. There were stories all over the news about it – at one point it got so bad that airlines were banning people from taking the phone onto planes in case they caused a fire mid flight. Samsung had to do a mass recall of the phone and launched an investigation to determine the cause. Turns out it was the batteries – they were overheating and catching fire. They released -safer battery- replacements but they caught fire too. Oh dear Samsung, oh dear …

 Motorola Bravo

The FCC in the US tracks radiation levels in phones to see how much of it is absorbed by a person when they use it. They set a limit at 1.6 watts per kilogram. A phone is considered dangerous after that. The Motorola Bravo sits at a 1.59 … that’s right, if it was at just 0.01 more watts per kilogram, it would be deemed dangerous to humans and start to pose a risk of causing brain cancer. I don’t think being 0.01 under makes it any more comforting.

 The Gun Phone

This phone is more of a gun than a phone – but its too good to miss off the list, I have to show it to you guys. A minnesota company has invented a handgun that looks just like a smartphone. Its called the Ideal Conceal – on the surface it looks just like any phone youre familiar with – but unfold it and youll find a 380 caliber pistol. One click and its ready to fire. The creator, Kirk Kjellberg, said the idea came to him after he attracted attention for carrying a concealed weapon in a restaurant – he wanted to make something that wouldnt stand out. The invention has drawn security concerns though and he was even contacted by the US government so they could figure out how to spot it during airport screenings …

 Nokia 3310

Back in 2003, stories emerged of Nokia 3310s exploding. Now before everyone jumps to this classic phones defence, it turns out it was due to counterfit batteries. Some of you may be too young to remember this but the Nokia 3310 had a replacable batteries. Some customers got their hands on cheap, fake ones from unauthorized suppliers. Nokia referred to these suppliers as -a very sophisticated enemy- … Id say thats a fair statement if someone is responsible for making your phones blow up …

 iPhone cases

The iPhone 6, 6s and 7 are by no means dangerous – I’ve not heard any horror stories of them – however, Im not sure I can say the same about some of their cases. In August 2017, Apple issued a worldwide recall of their liquid glitter cases after reports of the glitter liquid leaking out and causing skin irritations, blisters or even burns. This news came after 19 cases on people getting chemical burns from the cases in the US alone.

Motorola Droid 2

In 2010, a story emerged of man from Texas who’s Motorola Droid 2 phone blew up in his ear. David Cronen said that had only had the phone for 2 days when it exploded as he got into his car. He said -I heard a pop. I didn’t feel any pain initially. I pulled the phone down. I felt something dripping. I realized that it was probably blood.- … yeah, this story is intense. David then went back to his house and in the bathroom bathroom mirror he saw the damage the phone had caused his ear.

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The most crazy air crafts of the history




Humans have been flying for well over 100 years now. We know how to do it. Every day, 100,000 planes take off and land. That’s a lot of planes and guess what, some of them look really weird. Some of them have been top secret. Some of them you will never see at your local airport.


Its full name was the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar but it was a secret US project. They thought they could hide it by putting Canada in the name. As you can see, its basically a UFO and over the 3 years it was flown from 1958 to 1961, it was probably responsible for a lot of UFO sightings in America. This was at the start of the cold war and when America was presuming that any nuclear war would leave most airbases in ruins. They wanted aircraft that could take off from roads or even fields if it had to. The Avrocar looked like it might be the answer but in the end, it just proved too unstable and the project was scrapped. Although some people might tell you we just handed them back to the aliens.


Its full name is the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin and it was conceived during world war 2. When you think of a Goblin you normally think of this creature and that suits this plane quite well because it was whats known as a parasite fighter. Essentially, it would be dropped like a little mini bomb out of a bigger plane. It would then fly around, do its thing and then return to the mother ship to dock again. It sounds crazy but it got quite far in development before being cancelled, mainly because you need insanely skilled pilots to successfully dock it mid air. Poor Goblin.

Nemeth Umbrella Plane

Built in 1934, you can see why it was called the Umbrella Plane. It was built by students at Miami University who wanted to demonstrate that you didn’t need traditional wing shapes to achieve flight – if you crunched the numbers right, you could get wings of many different shapes to successfully work. They believed it could even be done with one big fat circle for a wing and they were right. There wasn’t really any practical use for this as far as I could see, they just thought it would be cool to be build.

 Bartini Beriev VVA-14.

This plane was built by the soviet union in the 1970s and I think its looks really cool, like something out of star wars. Its unusual design was intended to make it able to take off from water and fly at high speeds over long distances. The Soviets wanted it to run bombing missions attacking US submarines. It was designed by Italian designer Robert Bartini. Thats right, not all Italian designers are in fashion, some make amphibious bomber planes. Sadly, Bartini died in 1974 and the test flights were brought to an end. One of them still exists in a Russian museum though, looking like a stolen prop from Star Wars …

Blohm and Voss BV 141

This was a German plane from WW2 that is known for its structural asymmetry. If those words sound too fancy youll know what they mean just by looking at it. The BV 141 just looked off. It looks like two planes that crashed into each other and just kept going. It looks a weird plane Pokemon. In reality, it was a reconnaissance plane. Having the pilots in that little glass cockpit allowed them to have better view of everything around them, especially the ground. Their vision was not blocked by the propeller or the aircraft itself. The Allied forces captured some towards the end of the war but unfortunately, none have survived to this day … presumably because they’re too weird looking.


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Scary and dangerous computer viruses




Computer viruses are a nightmare if you are not a computer technician. Some of them can wipe out all of your data, cause insane buffering or turn your PC into a zombie. If you’ve never had a computer virus, consider yourself extremely lucky. Computer viruses have been around for many years so let’s take a look at the top scary and dangerous computer viruses.

Melissa (1999).

This computer virus started off as an infected word document that was posted on a site, claiming to be a list of passwords for porn websites. Naturally, a lot of people got curious and would click and download this file onto their computers. Once they opened it, the virus would mail itself to the top 50 people in your email address book which would cause a lot of buffering and email traffic. This virus also disrupted a lot of email services of government agencies and corporations. Melissa infected 20% of computers worldwide and her damages were about $80 million.

ZeroAccess (2013)

The name alone sounds like this would be a terrible virus to get. This particular virus has enslaved between 1-2 million personal computers with malicious software in an elaborate attempt to defraud online advertisers. ZeroAccess would take over your computer and use scareware tactics to spread other threats and fake antivirus software.

WannaCry (2017)

This destructive virus caused over 1.5 billion dollars worth of damages to pc’s all over the world. The hackers who created this virus would take control of profitable company’s or organization’s computers and threaten to destroy all of their data unless they pay them. Companies were forced to spend a lot of money to pay for the cost of conducting investigations and restoring data.

 Code Red (2001)

This virus first made an appearance in 2001 and it targeted computers that were running the Microsoft IIS web server. Once your computer becomes infected, it will make a hundred copies of itself and it will duplicate even more until it eats up a lot of your computers’ resources, making your computer unusable. This virus barely leaves any trace on the hard disk because it is able to run entirely on memory. It is estimated that between 1-2 million people were affected and it caused over 2 billion dollars worth of damages.

Conficker (2008)

This virus has been ruining computers since 2008 and it infects computers by using flaws in the operating system to create a botnet which is a bunch of computers that are controlled as a group without the owner’s knowledge. This malware was able to infect more than 9 million computers worldwide and it was able to reset your accounts, block access, turn off services and lock you out. It would even install software that uses scareware in order to scam money off of the user. The damages equaled to about $9.1 billion and Microsoft was able to release a patch for it.

 Storm Worm (2007)

This annoying virus would hide in e-mail attachments with the subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe.” People who opened this attachment would immediately become infected and it would wreck havoc on your computer. It is estimated that between 1-50 million computers were infected worldwide. This virus would turn your personal computer into a zombie or bot because they were remotely controlled by the person behind the attack.


This virus is considered to be one of the most harmful viruses ever created. The I love you virus managed to destroy computer systems all over the world causing damages that totalled about $15 billion dollars and 10% of computers connected to the internet worldwide were believed to have been infected. This clever virus used social cues to get people to click on an attachment called “a love confession.” Once the user clicked on it, the virus would send itself to everyone on the user’s mailing list and would overwrite files and cause the computer to not be able to turn on.

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