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The Top most Secrets School teacher won’t let you know



The Top most Secrets School’s teacher won’t let you know.. Here is the list for all students must see!

Teachers have favorites…

and least favorites…and it affects the way they’re treated. Obviously! Just how kids have favorite teachers and least favorite teachers…and just how in life we have favorite and least favorite people – teachers will pick favorites. Teachers are more likely to help students who are polite to them, they’re more likely to grade up their papers if they’re borderline, and of course they are more likely to cut these students some slack. Their least favorites are likely to be students who are rude or arrogant. Even if teachers are supposed to treat their students equally, their emotions come into play.

 Teachers talk About You Behind your Back

Remember those least favorites? Well…teachers don’t usually keep that to themselves. Also, if they find you an interesting character, they’ll talk about you too. If you rotate classes, you will have a number of teachers and they WILL talk about you. They will probably share stories about you with one another.

In Schools, teachers have drama just like the kids

It isn’t just you that hates Mr Fitz, Mrs Green does to….. Whatever, teachers have staff room dramas too, especially as some of them are wildly different people who have different ways and beliefs on how to do things. Teachers sometimes can’t stand each other…but on the flip side, some of them are dating…. And they really don’t want you to know about it.

Teachers Look Up Kids and Parents on Social Media

Yup. You might facebook stalk people…maybe even your teachers… but they look you and your parents up too. Curiosity is natural…and finding out that you were actually skipping school to drink in the park or go to the mall is possible with the power of facebook. Also creeping on your parents may go some way to explaining why you are the way you are.

Schools judge parents as much as the child

Yup. Bad kid…. Bad parents, or so it often goes. A child never has any food with them for lunch…yeah…bad parents. Often teachers will keep an eye on a child that they suspect has a parental issue and they will decide whether or not to call them in.

Failing a test isn’t the end of the world

I actually do hope that schools will tell you this, as kids sometimes crumble under the pressure of exams and they should know that messing up on occasion isn’t the end of the world. When you are 40 years old, you probably won’t hinge the failings or successes of your entire life on one exam. So relax…also…you’ll probably get a better grade if you’re not feeling stressed. Shh, don’t tell anyone but not doing your homework won’t affect your grade….

Homework not workout

In most schools, your day to day homework won’t contribute to your grade, however, your essays and tests results will. The reason you are assigned homework is to prepare your brain for the tests and essays that will count, so it is always a good idea to do it…although a teacher can’t fail you for not.

Your Work isn’t always read when it’s graded.

Teachers are busy. Imagine they take 5 different classes a day, and they need to grade work from each se of students….it is an endless pile. More often than not, teachers will want to get the additional workload done and dusted so they can focus on having a life. Because…they have one too. The problem is it does seem a bit unfair when you spend hours on a piece of work that gets three minutes of attention from teachers.

A lot of teachers are unhappy.

Teachers kind of have a tough time of it. They’re not just working while you’re at school; they’re there before and after setting up and preparing for your lessons, then after they’re there marking or preparing for the next day. Most teachers I know work from 8am til 5 or 6pm, and then have marking, too. They don’t get paid that much either, which is a constant bone of contention. Increasingly these days, they also have to deal with violent children, which is scary.

 Big End of Year Exams are Bad For Students

There have been a lot of studies that have revealed that end of year exams with big weightings on a students grade are harmful to them. It turns out tests aren’t always the best way to decipher a person’s intelligence and the system is heavily weighted against those who struggle with anxiety. Hopefully one day there will be a better way to test people in the future – In Finland, for example there are no tests except from one exam at the end of senior year at high school.


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Disneyland Horror Stories




Today we are talking about the Top Disneyland Horror Stories…. I don’t know about you but I am not sure I am going to feel the same way about the most magical place on earth after this list.

 Stuck on It’s a A Small World

Can you imagine the horror of being stuck on creepy creepy ride, It’s a small world. This is what happened to a paralyzed man who was stuck in the ride’s Goodbye Room for 45 minutes. Jose Martniez was stuck as the ride broke down and stuff were unable to provide him with an exit like other riders. The Dolls in that ride are so scary, I can’t imagine being alone with them….while they sing and I can’t not listen.

The White Lady In Disneyland California

Many people have reported seeing a lady dressed in 19th century clothing along Main Street in the park. The woman is thought to have died in the area in the early 1900s, which of course was before Disney was even built. The woman seems to be a benevolent presence in her new home, and helps lost children find the Baby Care Centre.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Another ghost said to haunt Disneyland is none other than Walt Disney himself While many rumors have circulated that Disney has had his body frozen and stored under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, that gossip has been debunked. What has been said though, is that Disney’s haunt’s the park itself, especially his old office above the fire station. The story goes that Disney always put a lamp in his Window when he was in the park to let people know he is there. After he died, a cast member was cleaning and saw the lamp was lit so she turned it off. She claims when she went downstairs and looked back up from the street, it had lit itself again. Now the light shines all the time as a signifier of Disney’s continued presence in the park.

Pluto Killed in Parade

Disney World Worker, Javier Cruz, was killed in 2004 in full Pluto costume amid a parade. Unfortunately the 38 year old, who had worked at Disney for 8 years, was run over by a rogue parade float. The incident took place backstage by the east of Splash Mountain as the performers were lining up just minutes before the parade was due to start. Cruz was about to go through a fate into public view as the accident happened, and it is not known whether or not any guests saw the incident.

Gator Death In 2016

Disneyworld Florida was at the centre of a horrible tragedy when a 2 year old boy from Nebraska was killed by an Alligator at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Hotel at Disney World Orlando. The little boy, Lane Graves, was playing by the 7 seas lagoon, where allegedly there were no gator warnings. Before his parents had chance to rescue their son, he was dragged away and drowned by a gator… It was later admitted that the alligator population was not being monitored and that they had no idea how many gators were living in the waters surrounding the parks. Recently, the boy was honored with a lighthouse statue, commissioned by Disney. The boys parents decided not to sue Disney, and instead established the Lane Thomas Foundation.

Cancer in California Disneyland

California is OLD. It is the first ever Disney location and when it was built in 1955, back when people were using lead based paint. Lead, as we know now, can cause cancer. Attractions with the highest lead levels were found to be the Sword in the Stone, in Minnie’s House, and Cinderella’s Castle. The park’s reaction? To place warning signs. The signs read: Warning – The Disneyland Resort contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Working at Disney doesn’t seem like such a dream job now!

 Phantom Manor electrocution

In spring 2016, a cast member was killed at Disneyland Paris’s haunted house. The ride that features ghoulish ghosts and spirits needed some maintenance and unfortunately the 45 year old man was electrocuted while in the house of horrors.

 Matterhorn Death In 1984

A 48-year-old woman was killed when she was thrown from a Matterhorn Bobsled car and struck by the next oncoming bobsled. The woman, named Dolly, appeared to have fallen out of the ride as her seatbelt was not buckled. As she was riding alone in the sled, it is unknown if she unfastened it herself or if the ride malfunctioned. The area she died is now called Dolly’s drop by cast members, some of whom think her presence can still be felt.

Thunder Mountain Death

In 2003, a 22 year old man died as a result of internal bleeding from blunt force trauma as train derailed on big thunder mountain. The train became airborne and hit the rides ceiling before falling into another passenger car, crushing Marcelo Torres. The death was ruled as a result of poor maintenance. Christmas at Disney seems all the more magical….

Christmas Catastrophe on the Columbia Sailing Ship

The Sailing Ship Columbia is an old and supposedly tame ride in Disneyland California. It is a replica of the Columbia Rediviva – the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. The ride is very gentle and takes passengers on a 12 minute sailing trip. Unfortunately on Christmas Eve in 1998, part of boats metal cleat hit two passengers waiting to board, killing one 34 year old man man and disfiguring his wife. The incident happened in front of the couple’s two children and other horrified guests. A Disney employee was also injured.

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Famous people who died but is still a mystery




Here is the list of famous people got died but is still a mystery have a look!

Amelia Earhart

She became famously known for being an American female aviation pioneer and author. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She holds as ton of aviation records. Amelia was also known to be the woman who just suddenly disappeared in a plane back in 1937. It wasn’t until 2 yrs later where she was pronounced dead. Well there was a new history channel documentary that shows that Amelia might not have died that day in a plane crash over the pacific ocean. Apparently there are many pictures of this woman still alive. Facial recognition experts looked into these cases and some conclude that its very possible that what they saw in the pictures is indeed Amelia Earhart and the pictures were taking well after the supposed plane crash.

Kurt Cobain

Millions of people believe Kurt Cobain faked his own death and is living in South America. There was a video that recently surfaced that shows what people are saying to be Kurt Cobain performing in Peru. Kurt Cobain helped formed the group Nirvana. This band changed the world and helped inspired millions of people and other famous musicians and performers. Well at the age of 27 yrs old back in 1994 he was found dead at his home from a suicide. But many believe that he didn’t even kill himself he just didn’t want to be known anymore. There has been many pictures uploaded onto the internet of people who look exactly like Kurt. I don’t think these conspiracies will ever go away.

 DB Cooper

He has been known as the man who successfully pulled off one of the most significant plane heists of all time. The aviation mystery has been left unsolved for almost 50 years now, well experts believe they are very close to solving it. Apparently there is new evidence that claims that DB Cooper might still be alive. DB Cooper high jacked a plane and parachuted out of the plane with million of dollars. We don’t know the real identity is, before this person just disappeared.


Elvis has become one of the most iconic people in the world. Elvis died at the age of 42 yrs old by a heart attack that was carried on by prescription drug abuse. Elvis died at his home in Memphis Tennessee. Well take a look at this picture right here this is a picture that people believe is Elvis Presley. Millions believe he is still alive today. If he was alive today he would be 82 yrs old and the guy in the picture looks to be that age.


Andy Kaufman

People believe he is still alive because his own brother claims he is alive still. A mysterious woman has also come forward saying that she is the daughter of Andy Kaufman. She said her father faked his own death because he doesn’t want to be famous anymore. If he was alive today he would be in his 60s. Well most people believe that Andy Kaufman died from lung cancer. Andy was known to be a comedian and a prankster so this is another reason why people believed he faked his own death for a prank. There was also a featured- length documentary of how he faked his own death.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was seemly healthy at the time of his death and he was set to go on one of his biggest tours ever. It was his This is it tour that was suppose to be 50 shows but obviously it was cancelled. Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose that was prescribed to him from his physician. Michael Jackson was found not breathing. His person physician was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Well take a look at this picture people believe that Michael Jackson was actually found to be alive and in the background of his daughters selfie. This picture was taken back in 2016. People believe that Paris Jackson didn’t realize her father was in the picture when she took it and she knows that he is still alive today.

 Adolf Hilter

Hitler has become one of the most iconic public figures in history for his outrages believes. Hitler died back in 1945 in Berlin Germany from a suicide. He killed himself so he wouldn’t be captured. We millions believed he actually escaped and survived the war. Appearently this is a picture of Hitler back in 1955 after his appearent death. This was newly declassified CIA files that has now been released to the public. Also this is probably more far fetched but there was this picture of this 128 yr old man that went viral. Everyone believes that this was actually hitler and the age would have been correct.

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Top most One Day Transformations caused by disasters




Were gonna be talking about days where everything looked one way on one day and then totally different the next. What a difference a day makes.

Mt St Helens

Have you guys ever seen a mountain explode? Well that’s pretty much what happened on May 18th 1980 when the Mt St Helens volcano erupted. Its often been described as the most disastrous volcanic eruption in US history. The earthquake that morning caused the whole north side of the mountain to collapse, sending molten rock spewing into the air. The eruption column rose 80,000 ft into the air and the ash landed in 11 different US states. When the dust settled, this is what Mt St Helens looked like. It was changed forever in a day ..


This was the nuclear power plant that went into meltdown on April 26th 1986. Deadly radiation spewed out across huge parts of Europe. Its still possibly the biggest disaster of its kind to this day. The nearby town of Pripyat was evacuated almost immediately and has been abandoned ever since. Heres what it used to look like – a bustling town of some 50,000 people. Ever since the evacuation, this has been what the town looks like – a nuclear ghost town. The radiation levels are still dangerous and the Ukrainien government has strict conditions on who can get close.

Temperature Swing

This is a little one for you – the tiny village of Loma in Montana only has 85 people but it holds the world record for the biggest temperature swing ever recorded. On January 15th 1972, the temperature was recorded in the morning at an insanely cold -54 fahrenheit or -48 degrees celsius – colder than an arctic winter. By the next morning, the temperature had risen to +49 degrees fahrenheit or 9 degrees celsius – thats almost light jacket weather. It was caused by a local weather pattern known as Chinook Wind.

The Berlin Wall

On the 9th of November 1989, it was announced that the Berlin Wall was no more. It had kept East and West Germans separated since 1961 – both physically and ideologically. By the next day on November 10th, the city of Berlin had transformed. People streamed from the soviet east side to the capitalist west, crossing the border they werent allowed to the day before. People starting chipping away and removing the wall brick by brick – it would be a while before the wall was gone altogether, but everyone agrees that was a huge day in western history.

Hurricane Harvey

This category 4 hurricane hit the US and Caribbean in August 2017 – causing 91 deaths and 125 billion dollars in damage. One of the most striking pictures from the event was from the town of Lumberton in Texas. On September 3rd, a photo was posted to reddit showing a street sign there submerged in water. Someone posted a comparison picture of what it normally looks like and the difference was shocking. The area received over 40 inches of rain – making Harvey the wettest tropical cyclone in US history. N

The Wall Street Crash

On October 29th, 1929, The Wall Street stock market crashed due to a number of economic events following WW1. Almost overnight, people lost millions – sometimes even their homes and jobs. The soup and bread lines that had been feeding the poor sprouted up all over American cities – a sight seen all over the world not long after. It was on of the major causes of the great depression which took the western market 25 years to recover to the pre crash levels.

The 2010 Hati Earthquake

On the 12th of January 2010, a magnitude 7 Earthquake hit Hati and the Dominican Republic. The resulting destruction was incomprehensible. 1 to 2 hundred thousand people died that day. Over a quarter of a million buildings were damaged. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. Its almost hard to believe these are pictures of the same place. In 2017, 6 years later, there were still 55,00 people living in temporary camps.

The Boxing Day Tsunami

Like the Japanese Tsunami we talked about earlier – this was a devastating event, but it affected many more countries. An Earthquake was triggered on December 26th 2004 off the Indonesian coast. It measured at a mind blowing 9.3. Tsunami waves reaching 100ft high spread out across the Indian ocean, killing a quarter of a million people in 14 countries. The wave brough ships miles inland and flattened entire towns.


It often makes the number 1 spot on these kinds of lists and for good reason. The twin towers were once the tallest skyscrapers in the world and the crowning jewel of the New York skyline. Im sure you all know what happened on September the 11th 2001 when terrorists flew planes into the towers. The dust cloud caused by the collapse was visible from space and when it finally settled, New York had changed forever. For some of you watching, it may seem normal to not see the twin towers in the famous new york skyline but it still looks strange to many new yorkers, like a tooth punched from a set of teeth.

I hope that was interesting. What do you guys think was the bigges 1 day transformation in your lives? A day where the before and after are worlds apart – let me in the comments section.

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