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Weird things that actually sold in vending machines



They’re so continent and easy to use  until they swallow your money… I’ve probably lost thousands. Now you might think you know vending machines – they sell chocolate, drinks that kinda stuff – oh no, your’e wrong – I’ve got some list of crazy things sold in vending machines t

Used Underwear.

You thought I was exaggerating didn’t you? Japan is the home of many wonderful and weird things – this is definitely on the weird side of things. Many travel writers have visited Tokyo and found vending machines that claim to see used women’s underwear. They come in vacuum sealed packaging and cost 1,000 YEN, about 8 dollars, from machines known as Buruseras. It sounds bizarre and a bit hilarious but some people claim that they should be banned as they are a part of the sexuality of schoolgirls that parts of Japan have turned a blind eye too.

 Live Crabs.

How many vending machines do you know that sell living creatures – these do. They can be found in China where people have taken a liking to eat fresh crabs on the go. They might not look alive but they really are – they are kept at 5-10 degrees leaving them in a dormant state. They cost about 3 dollars and come in special packages called -Crab Villas- that are designed to make the crabs feel like they are in a cave – this apparently helps preserve the flavor. This is all presuming you want to eat one – you might decide that 3 dollars is a pretty good price for a pet crab. Just make sure you never tell it where you got it from…

Toilet Roll.

You’d think that toilet role wouldn’t be a thing you’d need to get if you were out and about unless something has gone seriously wrong. Well, you’re probably from a western country like me then where we take it for granted that public toilets will have toilet paper for you to use. This isn’t the case in some parts of Asia. In Japan, a whole industry has taken advantage of this and you can often find toilet paper vending machines in major cities. So, next time you have that emergency when you’re out and about – you better hope you have some spare change…

Mashed Potatoes.

Have you ever been staring at the chocolate or drinks in a vending machine and wondered – wheres the mashed potatoes? Whats going on? Well then you should probably move to Singapore where they have vending machines exclusively for Mashed Potatoes. Its called the Maggi mashed potato vending machine and it can be found in 7/11 stores there. You put your mashed potato cup under the spout, press the mashed potato button and wait for instant mashed potato with optional gravy. But really, it shouldn’t be an option.


Have you ever wanted to buy a solid Gold bar. I don’t mean that chocolate bar we have in the UK, I mean a solid gold bar. In the United Arab Emirates, at the Abu Dabai Hotel, you can find Gold To Go vending machines. Its obviously for incredibly wealthy people who love with an insane amount of money who want to hold on to gold in case certain currencies devalue or the economy crashes.

The machine checks the daily price of gold every 10 seconds through the internet and will then dispense gold bars and coins up to 10 grams in weight. Sometimes I struggle to find change for the bus.


I wasn’t sure to put this one on the list but I know some people will find it a bit crazy that there are vending machines in Chicago purely for salad. They start at 7 dollars 99 cents and you can get chicken, tofu, tuna and salmon for a few dollars more. Now, let me get this straight – I think this is a pretty good idea. People always say that good healthy food is hard to come by and the people who made these machines are hoping to change that. Its just crazy that they’re still in the shape of vending machines which we all associate with unhealthy snacks. Would you eat a salad from this?


Lego boxes say its for ages 4 – 99 so we can all admit we still love lego until we reach 100. That’s why in Germany – you can sometimes find Lego vending machines, specifically in Munich Train station. It works just like any other vending machine and dispenses whatever the latest Lego series is – perfect for those long train rides. I would probably drop a lot of money into this thing if there was one on the way to work.


Some Italians claim that the rest of the world has ruined pizza and turned it into cheap fast food rubbish. So you might be surprised to know that the world can thank Italy for the Pizza Vending Machine. The Let’s Pizza vending machine literally makes the pizza from scratch. It kneads the dough, applies the sauce, the toppings you selected and then cooks it before finally popping it out at the bottom in a takeaway box. You can choose between Margarita, Salami, Proshootoe and Speck.


We’re leaving in an age where a lot of western countries debating on whether to legalize marijuana. Some places are already way ahead of everyone else though. In Vancouver, Canada – if you have a doctors permit you can legally buy marijuana from special vending machines. They contain bags of the stuff alongside hash, oil and other extracts. The machines are not often hidden, quite the opposite in fact. However, there’s still a debate on whether or not this is actually legal. Sure, they say that only people with a medical ID can get it  but would it be that hard for anyone else to? Vancouver police have said they’re gonna keep an eye on it, what do you guys think of it all?

I think Ill stick to normal machines though. I’ve been thinking though, what would your dream vending machine contain?


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Luxury houses owned by famous Youtubers




We are going to talk about the famous you-tubers who owned the most luxurious houses ever! Here is the list below:

 Fousey tube

He just bought this mega mansion. Is this real life right now, that is bigger than my whole block, bigger than my neighbourhood. Fousey has been known as a Youtuber who has made millions of dollars here on Youtube and he hasn’t been afraid to show it from buying super cars, expensive jewelry, clothes and shoes to now buying a mega mansion in New Jersey that is located very close to his brothers mansion. His brother just became a part time Youtuber but he is a full time dentist. Fouseytubs back yard is also very massive.

Roman Atwood

Roman has had his house for a few years now. And this house is just insane take a look. Roman Atwood has a ton of property and he build his very own smile more store on his land. here is the building this thing is massive, and inside is a massive fish tank that he had costumed built. Romans backyard is also insane. Its like no other. Take a look at what he built- He also has a RC Track in his backyard and so much more.

Toys and Me.

This is another kid who is quite young who makes videos about unboxing toys, playing with them and just her life being a kid. She has over 7 million subscribers and almost 5 billion views. Well just this year they bought a mega mansion. They have a huge kitchen with glass to floor windows where they can actually open it right up bringing the outside space inside. They have their own theatre room, they have rooms for days in this house. The backyard is also massive. I think one of the coolest things in their house is this watch. 1 this family has their own gym which is just insane this is for sure my dream to have.

Mo Vlogs

Mo has been known to film all these expensive videos like, buying my own house at 22, Bugatti surprise, billionaire surprise, Lamborghini racing, rich kids of the middle east and paying cash for a new Ferrari. This kid has money and he loves flexing to his viewers. Hate him or love him hes filthy rich. He comes from a rich family and has a billionaire friend but he has been making his own money through youtube. Well take a look at his new house. this is a mega mansion with super cars in front of it. This kid is just not known to be humble at all but I guess hes just proud at how far he has come with this youtube success.

Ricegum and Faze Banks

Faze Banks and I should also say Ricegum as well because they live in the same house. So this house is being called the Clout house. What your about to see is a 10 million dollar mansion. Just look how crazy this house is. There are so many floors in this house. This house has its own elevator. Also the house comes with its own private theatre room, the backyard patio has an amazing view of the city. Number 5 we have, the Faze house in LA. This house is a huge. There are many people living inside this faze house. Its hard to really tell how many people live in this house but there are many many people apart of the FazeClan. And Faze Banks is one of the 3 managers of all these channels he founded a lot of the channels that’s why he is so rich. So here is what this faze house looks like from the backyard. This house also has a steam room, a really big kitchen. The garage itself is way bigger than my condo. I Have never seen something like this before in a residential place before. But than again I’ve never been super super rich before.


This kid has over 4.6 million subscribers. And over 3 billion views. This kid is a millionaire and hes only 11 yrs old hes self made. So here is a picture of his house. Well this was a picture of a house he used for this thumbnail. We haven’t seen the outside of his house before so we don’t actually know what it looks like but looking from his house tour from the inside this house is just massive. Evans dad was so proud of this house that they made 3 different house tour videos.

Money Kicks aka Mo Vlogs

Money Kicks has a billionaires mansion in Dubai. His mansion and property is so big that he has his own zoo with wild animals in it. This guys swimming pool is insane. there is just no beating that that’s like a resort. Money kicks proptery is so large that they have to drive golf carts to get around. so that is just the kids drive way to get into his palace. This kid is so rich he build a million dollar building just to house his million dollar shoe collection in it.


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7 known businessman lost everything




Here is the list have a look!

Sean Quinn

In 2008, he was known as Irelands richest man with a net worth of 6 billion dollars. He invested 2.8 billion dollars into the Anglo Irish Bank who were investing in Irish construction companies. Then, the countrys property bubble burst. The bank lost huge losses and so did Quinn. The government nationalized the bank to save it, wiping away all of Quinns investments. They then seized ownership of Quinns companies and forced him off the board – leaving his family with less than 15,000 dollars across 3 bank accounts…

Naruatsu Baba

This Japanese businessman founded in Colopl in 2008 – known for making some of the earliest mobile games in the country. The rise of the phone gaming sent the company soaring to new heights and by 2016, Baba had a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars. Then, their flagship games of White Cat Tennis and White Cat Project started to lag in sales. Company shares fell 38% – wiping over half a billion dollars off Babas net worth.

 Eike Batista

In 2012, he was the richest man in Brazil and 7th on the planet with an estimated worth of $35 billion. He amassed his fortune through Brazil’s natural resources, mainly mining, oil and gas. Disaster struck when one of his oil fields proved to have a lot less oil in it than originally thought. His investors lost confidence, the company couldn’t keep up on its debt payments and by 2013, they filed for bankruptcy. In the space of a year, his $35 billion worth is significantly smaller…

 Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson

He was the second person from Iceland to ever be worth over 1 billion dollars – the 1st was actually his son. He owned a bank and West Ham United football club – everything looked great. And then, in 2008, the banking crisis hit – and it hit Iceland very hard. He was named as one of the key figures for the collapse of the countrys banking system. At the same time, he was also paying tens of millions in legal fees to defend himself during a bookmaking scandal. He filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009, owing 750 million dollars – thats thought to be the worlds biggest recorded personal bankruptcy …

Manoj Bhargava

You may not have heard of this Indian business mogul but youy have have heard of the product hes responsible for – 5 hour energy. Its an energy drink that gives you energy for 5 hours – surprisingly. Things were going very well for him, the product was taking off around the world especially among students who were using it to study without losing focus. However, in 2012, the FDA named the drink has having possibly contributed to 13 deaths in 4 years. As the investigation went on, sales of the drink stalled and Manojs net worth plummeted to 800 million, taking him out of the list of billionaires.

Masayoshi Son

This is the Japanese businessman who founded Softbank, one of the countrys largest telecom company. The company grew quickly in the early days of the internet, sending his personal worth to almost 80 billion dollars – that was until the internet bubble burst in 2000. Shares of the company lost 98% of their value almost overnight and with that, Son lost more than 70 billion of his personal worth.

Vijay Mallya

This Indian business owner inherited his fathers liquor company in 1983 and went on to amass millions buy buying and starting other companies – even owning an airline at one point. He spent 2 decades amassing a large conglomerate, sending his personal worth soaring to an estimated 1.5 billion. However, his airline collapsed, he racked up huge debts and overspent in his personal life. The police began investigating him after reports of financial irregularities within his company. He was forced out of his company with a 75 million dollar pay off. Its unknown how much he has now, but experts say hes definitely not a billionaire anymore …

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Web design involves creating what the website should look like and how it should work




Today I want to talk to you about the difference between web design and web development. These are two separate roles in the website creation process. Some people do both of them together, but not everyone does, as they do involve a very different skill set for each, and there are many jobs available for both design and development separately as well as together.

Essentially, if you want the short version, web design involves creating what the website should look like and how it should work, and web development involves building that design and bringing it to life as a functioning website.

Let’s go into a little more detail on each of those things. Designing a website involves taking a brief and the information that a client or company wants displayed on a website, and working out the best structure for it. Web designers think a lot about the user’s journey through the site, and arrange the information in a way that means they see the right content at the right time on their journey.

And they also think a lot about making that information really easy to consume. That part of the design process is called user experience, or UX as you may have seen it referred to as, but designers are obviously also responsible for the visual look and feel of the site. And that’s called the user interface, or UI.

What a website looks like is really important because you have to make sure that the design ties in with the company’s brand, and also that the information is easy to read and consume, and it’s just nice to look at. So just like with graphic design, web designers think about typography, about color, positive-negative space, and other design principles like that.

There are many different pieces of software out there you could use to design a website, but none of them are going to do the hard work for you. They’re all just tools to get your ideas down and create a visual file or mock-up to hand to a developer. And we call it a mock-up because it visually looks like a website, but it doesn’t function as one yet. Once the design is completed, that’s generally when the development side starts, and like I said, this involves taking that mock-up and bringing it to life through code so that it functions as a live website that you can put on the internet for people to use.

The base of a website is created using HTML, which organizes the structure of the site in code, and then CSS is used to style the HTML, that base structure, to make it match the colors and shapes of the design that the designer created. There are many different programming languages and not every web developer is going to know them all. They’ll generally have their own few that they specialize in, but HTML and CSS are the basics that you start with.

Developers are responsible not only for making sure that the site functions properly and matches the design, but also that the code is written cleanly so it can load really quickly for the user. And usually developers will use a text editor like Sublime or Brackets to write and edit their code. Hopefully from that explanation you can see what I mean about this being two different skill sets.

Designers need more of an understanding of design principles and creativity to come up with the layout that is unique and answers the client’s brief, and developers focus more on logic-based thinking and an understanding of how code and technology works.

Like I said at the start, there are some people who do have both of these skills, but it’s not essential to know the development side to be a web designer, or to know the design side to be a web developer. What is important though is having a basic understanding of both of those things. I’m a web designer, and I do have a good basic understanding of code, so that I can actually code my websites, but I don’t focus on that as a career because I much prefer the design side, and that’s where I’m best at.

However, having a basic understanding of how the website I’m designing is going to be coded is really useful to my design process, and I always love it when I work with a developer who has a good understanding of design, too, because it means that it’s much easier to work together.


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